Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016!

Here’s hoping you found the time to head outdoors and partake in pedaling a bike amidst Mother Nature.

Celebrating Earth Day 2016 with a 'cross ride in the woods near the home office.

Honoring Earth Day 2016 with a ‘cross ride in the woods near the Nashbar home office.

Here at Nashbar, we have the good fortune to have an entry into a network of trails situated just 2.5 miles – back door to dirt – from our office.

As I try to do virtually every day during the work week, I spent today’s lunch hour in the saddle – and reveled in the glorious green that is a North Carolina spring while putting the ‘cross bike through its paces. It was all the more poignant and relevant as Earth Day 2016‘s global theme is “Trees For The Earth” and we certainly don’t take for granted the wooded space that surrounds us.

Of course we’re preaching to the choir, but cycling certainly plays a role in making a difference on planet Earth. There’s no denying the physical and mental benefits of riding a bike to one’s own person, but there’s also the capacity to use a bike for transportation that is an emissions-free means to get around. So many of our daily trips take place to destinations only a handful of miles from home, so why not opt for the bicycle instead of the car for that trip to the grocery store, pharmacy, library, coffee shop, etc.? And if you work close enough to home, why not ride to work – at least part of the time?

Nashbar can certainly help make those pedal-powered jaunts around town easier via beefier tires, racks and panniers, backpacks and messenger bags, locks, as well as lights. Just a little something to ensure safe, secure travels and carrying capacity.

You can make a difference!

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