Nashbar Quick-Picks: 3 Bike Clothing Must-Haves

Your body makes contact with the bike in three pivotal places: the handlebar, the pedals and the saddle. Your comfort and your performance depend on each of these touch points being just right. But, besides the bike, your body also makes contact with every piece of bike clothing that you choose to wear. The right clothing can make the difference between enjoying a ride and yearning for it to end.

Here are our picks to maximize the feeling of luxury while riding a bike:

1. Sugoi Contender Lycra Shorts






The right pair of cycling shorts is hands-down the best upgrade you can make to any ride, road or mountain, and the Sugoi Contender Lycra Shorts are the perfect choice. Why? Because all great shorts begin and end with their chamois, and the Contender’s S.100 is totally seamless, so no unwanted chaffing, and it’s super comfortable to the touch. Throw Sugoi’s P3 Lycra and spandex blend in to keep everything feeling and great and you’ve got one terrific set of shorts.

2. Apis Professional Team Cycling Cap






 If you’ve never ridden with a cap, it’s about high-time you tried. A hat is as multi-purpose as a Swiss Army knife: it adds skin protection, serves as a personal rain gutter during bad weather, provides additional shade, and enhances your comfort by cushioning your helmet’s contact with your head. The Apis Professional Team Cycling Cap is one of personal favorites because it’s made from 100% high quality cotton, 100% Italian manufactured and you can choose from your favorite team.

3. Pogliaghi Classico Carbon Road Shoes






Speaking of Italy, it doesn’t get any more Italian than the Pogliaghi Classico Carbon Road Shoes. Each pedal stroke will look like a miniature waving of the Italian flag. While these look great, it’s the comfort and performance that make them our Quick-Pick of the week. The combination of a leather lining, a low profile heel counter and a carbon fiber outsole translates into some seriously silky smooth power.  We love them, and we know you will too.

Do you have a Quick-Pick? Let us know what you’d recommend to your fellow riders in the comments section below – we’ll pick 2 responses (on Wednesday 2/6/14) to win one of our upcoming Nashbar Cycling Caps!

Stay Tuned for next week’s Nashbar Quick-Picks.

45 comments on “Nashbar Quick-Picks: 3 Bike Clothing Must-Haves
  1. Tim James says:

    Ergon Grips. Hands down (pun intended) the nicest grips out there for everyday rides on a bike without drop bars.

  2. kevin wong says:

    cycling cap would look great at the gym!

  3. Tim says:

    Cycling cap all the way, but take heed to Rule #22… unless you’re a commuter.

  4. Laurie McBride says:

    as a new rider (2013), the Nashbar cycling shorts made my rides much for fun, and I was able to take longer rides each time I went out! Between the purchases of your cycling products and blogs, I’ve learned the best tips for having great rides! Thank you!

  5. Chris says:

    I would recommend the #1 Sugoi Contender shorts because a good pair of shorts goes a long way.

  6. George Verkler says:

    Ride without a hat? Never again. Just don’t have as much hair as I used to.

  7. Josh King says:

    When it’s this cold (-15*F) on the roads of Northern Colorado, keeping the legs warm is CRUCIAL! Warm legs = more miles. I’ve been super happy with the Nashbar Mansfield 2 tights for this purpose. They were an absolute steal!

  8. Rocco Trapani says:

    gel padded cycling gloves.
    before I started using them I was getting a lot of pain in my hands and sometimes it felt like they were numb. picked up a cheap pair of giro gel padded gloves and I no longer get pain in my hands.

  9. Dale Kerr says:

    Bibs over shorts. Shorts may meet the padding need, they often don’t sit and stay. Bibs provide a comfort that outweighs the added cost.

  10. chrid says:

    Can’t stress enough that the right gloves can make or break a ride. Ive even seen guys slide off the bars from sweaty palms while going over bumps (even with properly wrapped bars or good mtn grips). Once your grip goes, you’re done. Those hats are killer btw 😉

  11. Austin Osborne says:

    I have a pair of those shorts and they are fantastic. I don’t have any cycling caps… Yet! Also, I recommend a pair of Smith Optics Pivlock V2 sunglasses. They have been great and its really easy to exchange the lenses. Best pair of glasses I’ve ever owned. Cheers!

  12. anthony shanks says:

    Gloves, improves grip, helps fatigue, protects hands, and looks good!

  13. michael johnson says:

    I have Nashbar Gel Grips on ALL my mountain bikes – been using them since 2009.

  14. John says:

    My quick pick as an novice rider for beginners are gloves with padding on the heel of the hand this will cushion the heel and prevent damage to the ulnar nerve.

  15. Jeff Rhein says:

    I think a wool jersey is my quick pick right now, great for the cold and hot rides

  16. Amity G says:

    I have a Maloja jersey I am head over heels for. If there are any petite small-shouldered women out there tired of poorly fitting jerseys, I highly recommend giving them a try.

  17. Drew says:

    Cycling caps are awesome, but a helmet is even awesomer. Never forget your brain bucket!

  18. Raymond Krawczyk Jr says:

    I never leave home without a cap under the helmet. Helps keep the sweet and sun out of my eyes.

  19. Tim Kippel says:

    Pearl Izumi “Cyclone” gloves in “Screaming Yellow”. They’re a must have when the temperatures drop. Softshell technology and gel inserts in the palms make these super-duper comfortable. Yes, super-duper.

  20. Adam says:

    I’ve been using sun sleeves to protect my arms from UV damage the past year. Not only are they effective, but they actually don’t heat my arms up too much. Pouring a bunch of water on them before I leave for a ride keeps them nice and cool. It’s a nice alternative for when I don’t want to slather on the SPF 50.

  21. Justin D. Fender says:

    Any lightweight gloves for mountain bike riding, something about riding with gloves gives you a little more confidence, hard to explain until you’ve tried it, and Nashbar has a great selection of gloves.

  22. John Leddy says:

    Eye protection of some sort (sunglasses or clear lenses)! protect those peepers from debris, sticks, and the elements.

  23. Milene Mittelhauser says:

    I have highly recommend wool clothing. I’m not so much on it in the summer, but during the transitional seasons and in winter it cannot be beat for comfort.

  24. Mark Hirschel says:

    Bombs! Also known as CO2 cartridges. These are the business and no rider should be without one. Have a flat? Stick one of these on the valve and you’re filled up and ready to roll in 3 seconds. Literally. And up to 120psi which a pump will never get to. These really are the best invention since sliced bread!

  25. Barry Bean says:

    A cyclist without a cycling cap is missing an essential piece of gear. In addition to looking sharp (after all, Eddie Merckx wore one!), they keep sweat out of your eyes and are infinitely better at shading your eyes that a helmet mounted visor. I even wear one on the trainer to help cool my head and steer the sweat away from my eyes. Real cyclists wear caps!

  26. Michael Todd Sariano says:

    Riding a bicycle is good exercise and good for many of the other obvious reasons but having the right equipment and looking good while riding is just as important for reasons like safety, more enjoyment, and getting the looks simply by having and wearing well the equipment, accessories, and bike gear go a long way. Bike NASHBAR helps to get there and the new Bike NASHBAR bike caps are a retro look to accompany my senior status. Thanks Bike NASHBAR!!!

  27. Jan Rhoads says:

    Those are sweet caps!!

  28. seth says:

    As a daily rider, I would recommend, without a doubt the Shimano MW81 winter cycling shoes. They are a bit spendy, but with a sale not as much so. I have used my pair the past 2 cold and wet seasons. They are awesome at keeping your feet dry when it is wet and warm when it is cold.

    I did the math assuming you would burn through a set of shoe covers a year. If the shoes last 3-4 years, they are well worth it. Much easier to deal with daily also. Do not have to deal with taking off the covers and then shoes. You just pull off/on the shoes and go.

  29. Geoff Bird says:

    Pearl Izumi mountain bike shoes. They are heaven on your feet AND great to walk in. A must have for the daily MB rider!

  30. Rick Stein says:

    I would definitely go with bibs over shorts any day. Also, I love the colors of the caps

  31. Lev Herrnson says:

    Replace your handlebar tape! New tape will totally refresh your ride, offering awesome, comfy cushion!

  32. Joe T says:

    No matter how much clothing you have on or what cap ( even though they are a must) nothing is going to help you more than a solid pair of lights on the front and rear of your bike! Always be seen, during the day and especially at night. When it comes to essentials, they should be the first thing you throw down some bones for!

  33. Brandon says:

    I love Pearl Izumi Quest shorts. Got them on sale from Nashbar and love them.

  34. Terry Lewis says:

    KLean Kanteen water bottle with cage. 🙂 Very important stay hydrated and friendly to the environment.

  35. Randy fordice says:

    Smart wool socks! I live in minnesota. Early and late season rides need warm toes!

  36. Andrew sawyer says:

    Sugoi shorts, seated comfort goes a long way when going a long way.

  37. mike marmer says:

    Pearl Izumi is very good. I don’t recommend carbon shoes as often they are too stiff and not as comfortable or easy to fit. Water is a good drink and a shirt is good to keep the sun off. Neoprene socks are good for cold weather.

  38. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    My quick pick would be a water bottle!

  39. alena svetelska says:

    Cycling caps are awesome.

  40. Phil Cooper says:

    I have never tried a cycling cap…. But the Orica Greenedge cap looks sweeeeeeeeet!

  41. matthew Alaniz says:

    I just got a pair of Pearl Izumi mountain bike shoes and the are the best ever

  42. Devlin says:

    Wow, awesome responses! Thank you everyone who checked out the post or took the time to sound-off. We love reviewing products. I’ll pick two winners…right…now!

  43. chrisL says:

    the warmest gloves you can get your hands on (Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell Lobster Glove )followed by the warmest shoe covers… still looking for the right solution. New England winter riding requires both. And your extremities will be screaming if you don’t have ’em!