Road Bike Party 2 – When Road Meets Rad


If you haven’t witnessed the legendary trial stylings of Martyn Ashton, Danny Macaskill, and Chris Akrigg, set down your drink before checking these videos out…

Road Bike Party 2 is the much anticipated followup to Martyn Ashton’s wildly successful video, Road Bike Party, in which the champion trial rider trades in his 26″ Mountain BMX bike for a regular old plain jane $20,000 Pinarello (pro-level road race bike) only to prove that the radness is all about the rider and not the bike. Ashton pulled moves that anyone would have laughed if you suggested them on a road bike…anyone but Ashton, that is.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]


Martyn Ashton – Mountain Bike Trials Champion


In September of this year, Ashton suffered a spinal injury during a trials demo leaving his future as a rider in question. What’s not in question is Ashton’s tenacity in the face of such an ordeal and his undying dedication to the sport and his fans.

With much of the Road Bike Party 2 filming over with, Ashton solicited the help of friends and fellow trial champions Danny Macaskill and Chris Akrigg to make it a reality. This time riding a Colnago road bike (every bit as awesome as the Pinarello), the three once again prove that those with the gift can master terribly fearsome trials tricks on a bike that’s made to keep both wheels solidly on the ground.

So with that, send your good thoughts, prayers, mojo, magic, miracles…and otherwise positive vibes his way, and check out Road Bike Party 2.

Enjoy…and see you ’round the Sprocket.

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4 comments on “Road Bike Party 2 – When Road Meets Rad
  1. jerome says:

    freakin amazing.

  2. eric says:

    my bike would break in an instant if i tried that…and myself…but what tires are you using?! they seem indestructible!!!

  3. Sean Lawler says:

    Amazing feats on the Colnago! Still, I would like to know how much material didn’t survive the filming.

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