Inside the Peloton: 2015 Tour de France Videos by GoPro

Stage 3: Antwerpen > Huy, 102nd Tour de France (WorldTour), Belgium, 6 July 2015, Photo by Thomas van Bracht /

Stage 3, 102nd Tour de France, 6 July 2015, Photo by Thomas van Bracht /

With the advent of tiny and rugged personal video cameras, we’ve been able to get closer than ever to action sports. The Tour de France is leading the way with their partnerships with GoPro and Velon – mounting GoPro video cameras on multiple riders during each stage and posting edited videos by the end of the day!

From what we can tell, it looks like a few teams have created videos of their own (focusing on their riders or mechanics), but most of the teams are using the compiled footage provided by Velon. That’s why each video can have footage filmed by riders from multiple teams, and why teams are often posting the exact same video (we edited out the duplicates for you below).

We think that it’s only a matter of time before live GoPro videos will be incorporated into the race coverage, but until them check out some of the 2015 Tour de France videos below, sorted by stage. Tell us which of these Tour de France videos you find the most interesting in the comments below!

Stage 6 Tour de France Videos:

Stage 5 Tour de France Videos:

Stage 4 Tour de France Videos:

Stage 3 Tour de France Videos:

Stage 2 Tour de France Videos:

Stage 1 Tour de France Videos:

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  1. Maria Lopez says:

    Vivir no es sólo existir, sino existir y crear, saber gozar y sufrir y no dormir sin soñar. Descansar, es empezar a morir.

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