Black Friday Top Picks

Behold. Black Friday 2015 is upon us. You might still be feeling glutted with turkey and possibly too much time with extended family, but Bike Nashbar is bursting with Black Friday good cheer. So good, in fact, that we decided to do some preparatory pre-shopping– just so we know what to get. If any loved ones out there are reading (and you know who you are), please read this list and remember that we’ve been very good about sorting the recyclables from the trash this year. And since the wheels are kind of a stretch, we might just go ahead and treat ourselves to any early Christmas present…

But we digress. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one who loves two wheels, or just looking for a little “Happy Holidays to me” kind of deal, you’ll find plenty over at the site to make you (or your loved one) happy this Black Friday (and beyond).

Here’s a few ideas to get you (and our special someone) started.

1. Giro Air Attack Helmet

This is one of our favorite helmets ever. Yes, it looks a little…unusual, but it totally lives up to the hype. As an added bonus, it’s one of the best winter helmets ever, thanks to the added coverage—making it something you can truly use year round.


Fast in the summer and comfortable in the winter

Fast in the summer and comfortable in the winter

2. Cateye Strada Double Wireless Computer

Going fast is great, but do you know how fast you’re actually going? Even if you’re more into the journey than in how fast you got there, having a cycling computer is a great addition to your bike, since it provides info like mileage, time, and average speed.


Fully wireless and packed with features

Fully wireless and packed with features

3. Reynolds Assault SLG Disc Carbon Tubular

If you’re into cyclocross– or looking for an incredible upgrade for your bike, then these are a must have. These are flat out some of the best wheels we’ve ever ridden, on or off the road. They’re perfect for your disc brake cross rig, or a disc brake road bike. They’re stiff, fast, durable, and fully compatible with most road disc brake systems out there.


48mm deep and ready for racin'

48mm deep and ready for racin’

4. Nashbar AT29 mountain Bike

Hitting the trails is one of the best ways to have fun on a bike during the fall and winter months (or actually just any time), and the Nashbar AT29 mountain bike is a great way to discover what those trails are all about. This durable, capable, well spec’ed bike is an incredible value that makes it easy to discover the thrills, spills, and joys of mountain biking.


A great value and a great bike

A great value and a great bike

5. Primal Wear Holiday Sweater Jersey

Ok, we just can’t resist this one. Even though we rank looking handsome on the bike about equal to being fast on the bike, the Ugly Holiday Sweater Jersey is just too awesome to let go. It injects some holiday cheer into your rides—which can be an awesome mood booster on those cold, dark rides.

You can't put a price on looking fine and festive

You can’t put a price on looking fine and festive

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