Reviewed: Nashbar CX Frame


The Nashbar CX frame is a blank canvas for your next build.

While looking through a nice big stack of fresh product to write about, we found one of our favorite things in the whole world: a cyclocross frame. Nothing makes us giddy with anticipation and big dreams like finding one of these blank sheets to make our own, and we started thinking about the possibilities.

Why all the excitement over an aluminum frame?

Well kemosabe, if you’re looking for the perfect platform to build your do-anything, go-anywhere bike, then you’ve probably been searching for the Nashbar Cyclocross frame. This alloy CX frame is as versatile as it is tough, and it’s ready for you to build up like your dream bike.


What this frame becomes is up to you.

So what can you do with a bike like this? Glad you asked, because the answer is pretty much anything. The beauty of a ‘cross bike is that it can really become whatever you need it to be. Road bike? Sure. Touring bike? Why not. Commuter? Absolutely. Cross racer? You betcha.

The Nashbar Cyclocross frame is made from durable, lightweight, tough aluminum that’s up to even the gnarliest conditions. If you don’t know anything about aluminum, you should know that it’s resistant to corrosion, so you can ride it in the rain or mud, and it’s got great strength-to-weight ratio, so it’s lightweight and rides well, with minimal frame flex. This makes it perfect for riding in all weather conditions.

The frame also features both disc tabs and cantilever mounts, so you can run any kind of brakes you want. It has crazy huge clearance, so you can run big volume tires, and mounts for fenders, so you can keep yourself clean while you’re riding. Round that out with a threaded bottom bracket, integrated down tube barrel adjuster, and a 1-1/8” headtube that will take pretty much any fork you can find, this is a bike you could build up pretty easily with parts that are readily found in your garage or


Disc or cantilever brakes? It’s your choice on this frame!

So now on to why you want this bike. If you’re only going to have one bike, make it a ‘cross bike. The Nashbar Cyclocross frame features water bottle mounts, fender mounts, and rack mounts, so you can literally do anything on it. You can put a rack and fenders on it, and use it as a commuter. Then on the weekends take off the rack and fenders, throw on some knobbies and go hit up the ‘cross course. When the weather gets nice, replace the knobbies with road slicks, and you’ve got a nice aluminum road bike.

Plus, since it’s only a frame, it’s yours to customize and build up however you want. Build it up with flat bars, drop bars, cantilevers, disc brakes, whatever. It’s a blank canvas for you to make your own.


These are some nice looking dropouts.

Get on it. These things are hot, live, and ready to party.

Frame features:

  • 2 water bottle mounts
  • Fittings for a rear rack and fenders for transformation into a commuting mobile
  • Down tube cable stops with adjusters, IS disc mount, cantilever/V-brake studs
  • Clearance for 700×38 tires plus mud
  • Requires 27.2mm seatpost (not included)
  • Requires 31.8mm clamp-on front derailleur (not included)
  • English threaded bottom bracket (not included)

Need some inspiration? Here’s a gallery of photos we found on the web showing what folks have created with earlier versions of our trusty Nashbar Cyclocross frame:

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2 comments on “Reviewed: Nashbar CX Frame
  1. b tanner says:

    How much and what size are these frames

  2. Jimmie O says:

    I built up an “old” version of the Nashbar alloy CX frame. What are the changes to the new version compared to the old?