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Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016! Here’s hoping you found the time to head outdoors and partake in pedaling a bike amidst Mother Nature. Here at Nashbar, we have the good fortune to have an entry into a network of trails situated

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Five Ways to Make Cycling Part of Your Daily Life

National Bike Month may be over, the time when we in the cycling industry go all-out to preach the gospel of pedal-powered bliss, but we believe that any month on the calendar qualifies as Bike Month! Hopping on a bike for

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Cycling Utopia – Do-able or Dubious?

By Aaron T. – Copywriter Hi-born master of architecture and eccentricity Lord Norman Foster is in the news with his latest proposal:  a 137-mile network of bike lanes built on a continuous platform above London’s age-old railway lines. Widespread skepticism

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