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A Primer on Bike Lights

Yes, it’s definitely that time of year when it registers that our allotment of daylight is beginning to dwindle. Daily commutes may no longer take place in brilliant sunshine and what was once plenty of time post-work to ride in dayllight

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Five Ways to Make Cycling Part of Your Daily Life

National Bike Month may be over, the time when we in the cycling industry go all-out to preach the gospel of pedal-powered bliss, but we believe that any month on the calendar qualifies as Bike Month! Hopping on a bike for

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Cycling Utopia – Do-able or Dubious?

By Aaron T. – Copywriter Hi-born master of architecture and eccentricity Lord Norman Foster is in the news with his latest proposal:  a 137-mile network of bike lanes built on a continuous platform above London’s age-old railway lines. Widespread skepticism

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